Marsden's Pure Honey llc

 Maybe you have seen me at the Dane County Farmer's Market in Madison , Wisconsin.  Then you know where to get great honey.  I have been keeping bees for over 50 years  and have been selling honey at the Dane County Farmers Market, 'On the Square,' in Madison for over 38 years.  Most of my honey comes from the countryside around McFarland, Stoughton and Cottage Grove Wisconsin.  I move my bee around to pollinate crops for farmers and sometimes get different honeys.   Everyone loves my wildflower honey. Maybe it is the care I put into keeping the honey fresh and just the way the bees made it.  I also often have clover,  basswood and goldenrod honey. My favorites are knapweed (a hazelnut flavor) and Russian Olive (tastes like someone put cinnamon in it. ) Wisconsin sure has  great honeys. 


Skepman Bobblehead

Just in, now you can own a bobblehead doll of your favorite honey guy.  Email me ,,  for availability and maybe you would like one for your mantle or car dashboard.  Now available for $25 plus shipping. 

"Bee Skep Man"

Beehives, North  of Spooner,  Wisconsin, 1978, collecting knapweed honey.

Dale, selling honey at the Dane County Farmer's Market, in Madison.